PRESS RELEASE – 14th September 2017


1. The Embassy of the Republic of Burundi to the Court of St James’s would like to inform that the Government of the Republic of Burundi firmly rejects the tendentious, unbalanced and political oriented report published on 11 August 2017 by the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi established by the Resolution 33/24 of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Unfortunately, the “experts” missed the opportunity to display their professionalism and fairness by collecting unfounded allegations spread through social media by some leaders of the opposition involved in the process of regime change. Their sources include Burundian refugees in one of the neighboring countries involved in the destabilization of Burundi.

2. In fact, if the experts were objective and fair, how could they ignore the violent demonstrations, the use of grenades against public gatherings, the targeted assassinations of civilians, military and politicians? Moreover, one wonders why the report says nothing about external armed attacks and all the individuals, entities and organizations involved in.

3. As the above mentioned attempts failed, the new strategy is today to manipulate the UN Commission on Human Rights by producing biased reports with the aim of referring the Burundian authorities to the International Criminal Court. Thus, the Government of the Republic of Burundi rejects and declares null and void this tendentious report sponsored by some western partners with a hidden agenda.

4. Therefore, the Government of the Republic Burundi warns against the temptation of the western countries to always manipulate the organs of the United Nations for their own interests. This is a dangerous game which risks to compromise completely the work and the impartiality of this global organization entrusted by all the nations to maintain international peace and security, especially in these times the whole humanity faces enormous challenges such as terrorism.

5. The Government of the Republic of Burundi calls the international Community as a whole to follow the path of the African Union Commission by rejecting the recommendation to seize the International Criminal Court.

6. Finally, the Embassy of the Republic of Burundi to the Court of St James emphasizes importantly that today the security has returned to normal throughout Burundi, which allows all Burundians to go about their business without fear.

London, 14th September 2017

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