Information regarding Passport and Emergency Travel Documents


In accordance with the Burundian ministerial ordinance, no. 215/224 of the 2nd March 2011, the government of Burundi now only issues biometric passports.

Obtaining a Burundian passport requires the physical presence of the applicant at the PAFE (Police de l’Air, des Frontières et des Etrangers) which is located in Kigobe, Bujumbura.

Emergency Travel Documents

The Embassy of Burundi in UK informs any Burundian without a valid travel document wishing to travel to Burundi, that he/she can apply for an Emergency Travel Document which will allow him/her to do so.

Note that the Emergency Travel Document delivery requires physical presence of the applicant at the Embassy. In this regard, an appointment must be made in advance.

When attending your appointment you will need to provide:

* 2 recent passport sized picture
* £30.00 fee
* Proof of Burundian nationality

Last Updated (Tuesday, 14 August 2012)