The Burundi Embassy in London

The Embassy of the Republic of Burundi to the United Kingdom was established with the aim of strengthening and coordinating the political, economic, military, social and cultural ties between the two countries.

In order to fulfill its mission and carry out its role, the Embassy of the Republic of Burundi pursues four strategic objectives:

  • 1. To represent the Burundian State vis-à-vis the United Kingdom;
  • 2. To protect the rights and interests of Burundi and Burundians who reside within the United Kingdom within the limits permitted by international Law and international Agreements;
  • 3. To promote the economic, cultural and scientific relations between Burundi and the United Kingdom;
  • 4. To promote and enhance existing partnership agreements between Burundi and the United Kingdom.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation
Ambassador Albert Shingiro

Ernest Ndabashinze