Welcome Message

From the Embassy of Burundi

The Embassy of Burundi offers warm greetings and a welcome to all Burundians living in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as to friends of Burundi and visitors to this website.

The Embassy of Burundi protects and promotes Burundi interests in the UK and Ireland and pursues the strengthening of the relationship between our countries.  Burundi citizens in emergency situations are particulary welcome to obtain counsel and/or assistance as appropriate from the Burundi Embassy.

The Burundi Embassy offers a warm welcome to everyone and we are particularly happy to advise potential business partners of available opportunities in areas of trade, tourism and investiment in Burundi.

The Burundi Embassy invites all Burundian citizens, including those with residence status  in the UK and Ireland, to register with the Embassy.

Your observations, suggestions and comments to improve not only our services, but also our website are most welcome.

Thank you for visiting the Embassy of Burundi’s website.

God bless you all.